Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week One: Welcome

Welcome to the Supernatural class blog! Here I will be posting all sorts of things that I am thinking about as the semester progresses as well as your assignments. If you see something interesting please leave me a comment! Also, feel free to explore what my other classes are doing by taking the link back to my home blog on the right (www.cunygames.blogspot.edu).

Week One

  1. Roll
  2. Syllabus & Course Overview.
  3. Project Overview
  4. Introduction to Blackboard, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Wikipedia.
  5. Google Set-up. 
  6. Lecture: Poetry Basics
  7. Discussion: Milne "Water Lilies", Robert Penn Warren’s "Original Sin a Short Story".
  8. Read: Dickenson "I Felt a Funeral in my Brain", Rossetti "Orchard Pit"De La Mare "The Listeners"Keats “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”.

For Next Time: The Online Form

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Returning September 2014!

ENG102.0862 (hybrid online); Mondays 2:15-4:25
Dr. C. Jason Smith

Books for the Course
Neil Gaiman, Coraline. 978-0380807345. $4-$9.
Holly Black, Valiant: A Modern Faerie Tale. 978-0689868238. $9.