Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 4: The Monomyth and Goblin Market

Arthur Rakham (1867-1939) Goblin Market
This Week 
  1. Tech: Google Drive Set-up and Share: WikiProject and Essay 1
  2. Lecture: The Hero's Journey (Monomyth)
  3. Discussion: Rossetti's Goblin Market (Starting with the online form)
  4. Writing: Essay 1 Workshop (Quiz Grade)
  1. WikiProject: Join Wikipedia and Enroll in the Course (link to the upper right). Attendance for Hybrid Hour. If you have already done so, you do not need to join again.
  2. Writing: Continue Workshop with Team Members online.
  3. Read: "The Story of Jumping Mouse" (packet) and "Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator" on Wikipedia
  4. Activity: Take the PMAI (packet). You can wait until class to score it.
  5. Writing: Essay 1 due next week at the beginning of class in hard-copy and email SHARE (Google Drive) to me at
Next Time
  1. Lecture: Pearson Archetypes
  2. Discussion: The Story of Jumping Mouse
  3. Discussion: Sendak's Outside Over There and the Monomyth (picture book, in class)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 3: Symbolism, Theme, Motif, Archetypes

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Venus Verticordia (1864-1868)
Welcome to Week Three! This week we will be getting further into poetry and symbolism working our way from single symbols to motifs (repeated symbol types and pairings)

This Week
  1. Seating Chart
  2. Poems: Milne "Water Lilies", Warren "Original Sin: A Short Story", Rossetti "Orchard Pit"Dickenson "I Felt a Funeral in my Brain",  De La Mare "The Listeners", Keats “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” (all in the Readings folder).
  3. Activity: Symbolism, Themes, and Motifs using the Online Form
  4. Essay: Essay 1 Assigned
  5. Wikipedia: 
    1. Status updates on books
    2. Google Drive set-up and Share (share your link as a comment on this blog entry.
    3. Research: Author / Illustrator Bios, Reviews, Critical responses
  1. Draft Essay 1 prior to class next week. 
  2. Read/Listen to "Goblin Market".
  3. Quiz: "Goblin Market"
  4. Basic Author research for Wikipedia (as time allows)
Next Week 
  1. Quiz: Essay 1 Workshop and Attendance
  2. Rossetti "Goblin Market"
  3. The Hero's Journey (Monomyth)
  4. Essay 1 Workshop

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 2: Poetry Basics & Symbolism

This Week
*We meet in M200L from now on
  1. Seating Chart 
  2. Sign-in to Google (from Blogger)
  3. Tech: Blogger, Groups, Blackboard, The Online Form
  4.  Lecture: Poetry Basics
  5. Activity: Symbolism, Group Discussion, and report-out using the Online Form
  6. Presentation: Wikipedia Project Overview
  7. Activity: Book Assignments (in Blackboard)
  8. Tech: Wikipedia Account and Join the Page. Token: yawiki
  9. Research: What Would a Librarian Do? Maurice Sendak's A Very Special House (With Prof. Ann Matsuuchi). 
  10. Research: First steps on your WikiProject
  11. Discuss: Go to the Group Discussion page and post what you have found
Hybrid Hour & Homework
  1. Library: Go find your book in the assigned section of the library. Read your book once, then read again and take notes on plot and characters, and make initial (personal) observations about the style of the art: what does the art look like? How does it make you feel? Use your phone to take photos (optional). 
  2. Read & Listen: Rossetti "Goblin Market" (in the Readings Folder above). 
  3. Quiz: Goblin Market
The Weekly Schedule
In Class
  1. Lecture and Discussion over readings.
  2. Wikipedia Project or as Assigned
Out of Class (to complete before next meeting)
  1. Homework: Reading and Online Reading Guide (Quiz).
  2. Hybrid Hour: Wikipedia Project / Online Lectures

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 1: Welcome

Welcome to the Supernatural class blog! Here I will be posting all sorts of things that I am thinking about as the semester progresses as well as your assignments. If you see something interesting please leave me a comment! Also, feel free to explore what my other classes are doing by taking the link back to my home blog on the right (

Week One

  1. Roll
  2. Syllabus & Course Overview.
  3. Introduction to Blackboard, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Wikipedia.
  4. Lecture: Symbolism, Motif, Theme
  5. Discussion: Milne "Water Lilies", Robert Penn Warren’s "Original Sin a Short Story".
    1. Tech: Google & Wikipedia Set-up. 
    2. Enroll in the Wikipedia Course (link in the upper right hand corner of this page, TOKEN: YAWIKI). 
    3. Read: Dickenson "I Felt a Funeral in my Brain", Rossetti "Orchard Pit"De La Mare "The Listeners"Keats “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” paying special attention to Poetry Basics and "Jumping Frog" (packet)

    For Next Time
    1. The Online Form
    2. Lecture: Poetry Basics
    3. Wikipedia Project Overview

    Thursday, May 8, 2014

    Returning September 2014!

    ENG102.0862 (hybrid online); Mondays 2:15-4:25
    Dr. C. Jason Smith

    Books for the Course
    Neil Gaiman, Coraline. 978-0380807345. $4-$9.
    Holly Black, Valiant: A Modern Faerie Tale. 978-0689868238. $9.