Friday, June 10, 2016


Please sign in HERE. Your Final Reflection is included.
Please write your reflection in another program (i.e. MS Word or Google Drive) then cut and paste across. Writing directly in this form may result in loss of your work.

Revised work may be submitted in hard copy to my box in E103 until 3pm on Tuesday 06/14. I will now, due to my waylaid circumstances, also accept revisions and questions via email at until 3pm on Tuesday 06/14. Do NOT use attachments for revisions. Cut and paste the text into the email. You should receive a "got it" email from me within a few hours. If not text me at 917.359.5222. If you do not receive a response to the text within an hour or so, feel free to text as much as you want. I will not blame you.

All work is due by 3pm on Tuesday 06/14.

I will be in my office at E103S from 10:00 to 3:00 on 6/13 and 6/14. You may schedule an appointment or just drop by. Scheduled appointments will be seen first.

Blackboard has been wiggy. Do not rely on it. Apologies, but there is nothing I can do about that. I will post final grades there as soon as possible, but they sometimes do not go through.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/31 We meet online ONLY

5/31 We meet online ONLY. Check back for the assignment after 9:30am.


I will be sending commentary on your submitted drafts via LaGuardia email. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday 5/17 and 5/24

  1. Romeo and Julie Paper is DUE by the end of class (print). The essay assignment is HERE. You may leave class once this paper is submitted to me. 
  2. The Hunger Games Part 1 Discussion begins (see the "Comments" button below). Please feel free to use the Wikipedia article HERE as a guide. 
For Next Week:

  1. Finish reading The Hunger Games for next week paying particular attention to the manifestation (or "use") of Pearson and Marr's 12 archetypes. Where do you see the manifestations of the archetypes--both Positive and Shadow (bad)--in the novel?

Revised Schedule (subject to change as circumstances allow):

T 5/17 Romeo and Juliet essay DUE.
T 5/24 The Hunger Games and revisions. Copy Book. We end at 10:30.
T 5/31 The Hunger Games and revisions. We end at 11:20, but some computers will be available after that time for revisions.
T 6/7 The Hunger Games (film) All revisions DUE.
Finals Week: Conferences only (by appointment). Final Reflection (online).

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday 5/10

Today: Romeo and Juliet: The essay assignment is HERE.
  • Free-write: True Love (5 minutes)
  • Check to be sure you can see our class on Blackboard. Grades go up TODAY.
  • Discussion of Romeo and Juliet (20 minutes)
  • In-class (I was outvoted so . . . ) TAKE HOME essay on Romeo and Juliet: Please add the option "What archetypes do you see as dominant in Romeo and Juliet? What archetypes might have allowed them to survive their ordeal?
  • Online discussion (here on the blog) to follow. Use the "Comments" function below after the questions are posted. Class discussion supplanted this one. 
  • Note:: Copy books will be graded at the end of the semester only.
Next Time: The Hunger Games: Part I. 
  • Poetry will be announced in class. I will bring copies of the poems for those who had difficulty with the books. You should have a copy of The Hunger Games with you in class (library copies are fine).

Monday, May 2, 2016

We are on for Tuesday 5/3!

Hey all. I hope you had a good break and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5/3. Updated schedule to follow.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Class is cancelled T 4/19.

Class is cancelled T 4/19. Apologies. It was a surprise to me as well. Check back for updates.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Schedule Update 4/12/16

**In Progress: Subject to Change**

Read Romeo and Juliet

After reading Romeo and Juliet please participate in the discussion below (Activity Grade). Respond to at least 3 questions of choice and responds to at least 3 classmates of choice. You may do more: 3 and 3 is the minimum.

T 4/12 Romeo + Juliet (film)
T 4/19 PMAI and Romeo and Juliet. All Work returned.
Spring Break 
T 5/3 In-class Essay on Archetypes in Romeo and Juliet
T 5/10 Love and Death Poetry Comparisons
T 5/17 The Hunger Games
T 5/24 In-class Essay over The Hunger Games
T 5/31 Final Revisions and Conferences
T 6/7 Final Reflection Essay (in-class)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29 We Meet at 9:15 in E259

3/29 We Meet at 9:15 in E259

Hi, folks. If you were not able to get the poetry book, do not freak out about it. I have a Plan B and C.

Homework: Read on Wikipedia "archetypes", "monomyth", and "Pearson-Marr Archtype Indicator"

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


**We do not meet on 3/22 as it is a Friday schedule. Check here for homework.**

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hi everyone! We are getting off to a slow start but will be up to speed soon.


Class Website
Course Overview
Lecture: Symbolism
Discussion: "Original Sin: A Short Story"


Get the Books:
Romeo and Juliet (Folger)
Love Poems (Everyman's Library)
Poems of Mourning (Everyman's Library)
The Hunger Games (Scholastic)
A Journal as described

Journal Entry:
Look over Love Poems and pick one poem.
Write a journal entry about the symbolism in it (about 500 words). Please label this entry "Blog Entry 1".
Be prepared to discuss your poem in class.