Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week Thirteen: Spirited Away

Help Dr. Smith's research. Take the survey HERE. Your answers are anonymous. 

Be sure to post your Final but Thursday 12/12 at NOON. The directions are HERE.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week Twelve: Research Writing

Welcome to the penultimate class meeting! Today we are finishing drafts and tying up loose ends.
  • Tues 12/03 Research Essay (end of class) for revision option.
    • Post the research essay on your blog
    • Hand in a hard-copy in MLA format
    • Email me (so I can respond) at
    • The grade will be for Blog Series 3: Research in the gradebook in Blackboard
    • Blog Series 4 doubles your highest grade
  • Tues 12/10 All work due prior to class. Film: Spirited Away. Take home Final Essay Exam.
  • Thur 12/12 Final Essay Exam due. 
    • Post to your blog
    • Email me at

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week Eleven: Coraline

  • Coraline Quiz 2 (first 10 minutes of class) on Blackboard.
  • Coraline Discussion Questions HERE. We will begin with the PMAI question (handout). 
  • Research Assignment HERE (in progress).
End of Days UPDATED 11/26
  • 11/26 Research Essay Draft Due (end of class). Workshop in teams/houses using the "Comments" function.
  • 12/03 Research Essay (end of class) for revision option.
  • 12/10 All work due prior to class. Film: Spirited Away. Take home Final Essay Exam.
  • 12/12 Final Essay Exam due (online as directed). All revisions DUE.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week Ten: Coraline

Here is an interesting and spooky link that connects with CoralineClick ME!
  1. Stardust Quiz and Coraline Quiz 1
  2. Research Assignment HERE (in progress)
  3. Symbols, the Monomyth,a dn Archetypes in Stardust
  4. Symbols, the Monomyth and Archetypes in Coraline
  5. Event: You can do anything with an English Major! 12:00 Poolside Cafe.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Nine: Stardust

Be ON TIME! We have a film that will start at the very first of class!
  • Mid-term Sign-up HERE
  • Discussion Series 2 Closes
  • Blog Series 2 Closes (Entries 5-8)
  • Quiz: Stardust in Blackboard.
  • Review: Stardust on IMDB HERE and Wikipedia HERE.
  • Blog Entry 9: HERE.
  • Discussion: Respond to classmates' posts of Blog Entry 9. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Read: Coraline chapters 1-13. A reading quiz will be posted Thursday and will remain open until class begins on Tuesday.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week Eight: Pearson Archetypes
This Week: 
  • Topics: The Monomyth, the PMAI, and Archetypes.
  • Poll: Answer the poll to the right. You may choose more than one answer and your responses are anonymous.
  • Mid-term: Returned and Discussion
  • PMAI: Checked for activity grade
  • Online Discussion Series 3: Pearson Archetypes on Blackboard.
  • Blog Entry 7: An Archetype I do not understand/do not like HERE.
  • Mid-term: Rewrites and Retakes. The Options are HERESign-up HERE. Not picking an option within the week indicates you have by default chosen option 1, ergo you will keep your current grade. These options close at the end of class Week Nine following a final reminder.
  • Blog Entry 8: Your mid-term should be typed-up and posted as Blog Entry 8.
  • Read: Coraline chapters 1-6 and Pearson 21-26 and 55-64. Expect a reading quiz.
Next Week: 
  • Film: Stardust. BE ON TIME. The film will start at the very first of class.
  • Read: Coraline chapters 6-13. Expect a reading quiz.
  • Discussion Series 2 Closes
  • Blog Series 2 Closes (Entries 5-8) 
  • Mid-term Sign-up HERE
  • Online Discussion: Archetypes in Stardust.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week Seven: Mid-term Essay and Pearson

  1. Mid-term in-class Essay: You will have the full class time to complete the essay. It is open-book and open note. You may use the web but you MUST indicate ANY source you consult or you will fail the exam and, potentially, the course.
  2. Scoring the PMAI: If you have not done so, complete the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator in What Story are you Living. Ask for assistance from Housemates for scoring then ask Dr. Smith. I have a sample scored essay if you would like to see one.
  3. Mid-term Objective Portion: Complete the Mid-term objective portion if you have not done so. This portion of the test closes Wednesday at 12:00 noon.
  4. Blog Entry 5: Mid-tern Reflection HERE.
  5. Read: Pearson 21-26 then pick ONE archetype section in Pearson (81-154) to write about for Blog Entry 6 (for example, pick The Innocent, or Magician). Pick ONE archetype that interests you and read the section on it.
  6. Blog Entry 6: The assignment is HERE.
Next Time: The PMAI and Archetypes (activity score).

Saturday, October 12, 2013


The objective portion of the mid-term exam has been posted in Blackboard. 

There are no retakes of this portion of the exam. Please take all the time you need prior to class on 10/22. During the class on 10/22 you will write an in-class essay over a poem that you have not seen before. Please bring any materials you think you might need. 

Week Six: Reminders

  1. We do NOT meet Tuesday 10/11.
  2. Check for the Mid-Term Test on Blackboard after Tuesday 10/11.
  3. Be prepared for the Mid-Term Essay on 10/22.
  4. Read 1-18 in What Story are You Living?
  5. Take the PMAI instrument in What Story are You Living? You do not have to score it if you find that part confusing.   
  6. Bring What Story are You Living? to class.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week Six: Reminders

  1. We do NOT meet Tuesday 10/11.
  2. Check for the Mid-Term Test on Blackboard after Tuesday 10/11.
  3. Be prepared for the Mid-Term Essay on 10/22.
  4. Read 1-18 in What Story are You Living?
  5. Take the PMAI instrument in What Story are You Living? You do not have to score it if you find that part confusing.   
  6. Bring What Story are You Living? to class.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Five: Narrative and “Goblin Market”

Goblin Market by Frank Adams
Hello everyone, and welcome to Week Five! We are moving into narrative with the poem "Goblin Market" and the fable "Jumping Mouse" as we get ready for the mid-term exam.

This Week: "Goblin Market" 
  • Lecture: Narrative Basics HERE.
  • Lecture: The Hero's Journey or Monomyth
  • Read: "Monomyth" on Wikipedia HERE.
  • Quiz: The "Goblin Market" Quiz is up!
  • Discussion: "Goblin Market" on Blackboard.
  • Blog: Evaluations Discussion.
  • Mid-term: Objective and Essay Exam to be discussed in class.
  • Grade Book: Evaluation of Blog Series 1 posted (end of class) and Discussion Series 1.
Week Six: Mid-Term (Part 1)
  • We DO NOT meet Tuesday. No classes are scheduled.
  • Mid-term Test Objective Portion begins (from Home). The Test will be posted Wednesday morning (if not before). You should complete the objective portion online prior to class in Week Seven.
Week Seven: Mid-Term Essay and Pearson
  • Mid-term Essay (in class)
  • Read: Re-read Pearson 1-18 including commentary. 
  • Take the PMAI in Pearson (as directed) 
  • Read Pearson 20-26

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week 4-5 Announcements

Hi everyone!
  1. Evaluations of Blog Series 1 are in progress. The grade will go in the grade book in Blackboard, posted at the end of class on Tuesday, and you will receive your individual response in hard-copy during class. Remember, anything in this class may be rewritten for a higher grade excepting in-class activities including quizzes and discussions and the Final Essay Exam.
  2. The quiz for "Goblin Market" is up. This one involves a little internet research for one short-answer question. You may wait until class to take it is you wish. 
More updates as they are available!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Week Four: Archetypes

Goblin Market by Warwick Goble (1930)
Poem: "Goblin Market" (in the documents folder).

  1. Announcement: Blog Series 1 and Discussion Series 1 close at 9am on Saturday.
  2. Sign-in: HERE
  3. Poll: Take the poll to the right. You may choose multiple answers. Your responses are anonymous. 
  4. Workshop Prep: Review the Assignment HERE (and in the documents folder). Review Sample A++ Paper HERE.
  5. Workshop (for quiz credit): As directed in houses. The directions are HERE. All revisions to your blog entries are DUE by 9am Saturday! Feel free to print a copy of the directions if you want.
  6. Lecture: C.G. Jung to Carol Pearson and Archetypes
  7. Discussion: (for credit) Online Discussion on Blackboard, to be continued as homework. You should both answer questions and respond to classmates. I will post additional topics throughout the week as they arise.
  8. Blog Series 1/Essay One: All revisions to your blog entries to date, including the essay, are due online (posted to your blog) by 9am Saturday!
  9. Read/Listen: "Goblin Market" HERE. You will need headphones. Click HERE for the print version (12 pages). In the documents folder are different options to print or listen, or look at the illustrated version. If you find other versions (such as ones that view well on a smartphone), please let me know and I will add them.
  10. Quiz: "Goblin Market" Quiz TBA.
  11. Read: "The Story of Little Mouse" (in What Story are you Living 4-9, you may skip the analysis sections for now).
  12. Suggested: "Monomyth", "Archetypes", "The Allegory of the Cave", and "Jonah and the Whale" on Wikipedia, as well as Sendak "Outside Over There" (see the "Documents"  folder).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week Three: Symbolism

UPDATE 9/26: I have made clarifications below as to what is due when.  Blog entry 4 is due before class Week Four. We will workshop it the first hour of class. The detailed directions for the revision and expansion are HERE.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Lady Lilith (1868)
Poems: Warren "Original Sin: A Short Story", Dickenson "I Felt a Funeral in my Brain",  Milne "Water Lilies", Rossetti "Orchard Pit"De La Mare "The Listeners"Keats “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”.

Week Three
  1. Lecture Craziness: Symbolism in "Orchard Pit" (Freudian symbolism!)
  2. Blog Links: If you do not see your name in the links list to the right I do not have the link to your blog. See me immediately as you will miss the first blog evaluation if I cannot see your work on time and receive a zero for the first blog series.
  3. Review: Symbolism HERE. And remember, all the lectures and assignments may be found in the "Documents" folder above.
  4. Group: Symbolism in "I Felt a Funeral in my Brain" HERE. Highlight all symbols and symbolic actions (phrases OK), right-click, and use the "comment" function to define the symbol by its denotation and connotation. Please use a dictionary for denotation as needed. You may also "reply" to classmates' responses.
  5. Quizzes: Complete Quizzes 1-3 if you have not already done so. They close today!
  6. Discussions: Discussion 1-3 have been posted in Blackboard. You should post in all three as directed.
  7. Blogs Entries 1-3: Blog Entries 1-3 are due today.  
  8. Blog Entry 4: Blog entry 4--an expansion and revision of Blog Entry 3--is due before class Week Four. The detailed directions for the revision and expansion are HERE.
Week Four (reading ahead is encouraged)
  1. Workshop (in class): Respond to housemates' (only your team, not the entire class) Blog Entries 3 and 4 as directed HERE
  2. Lecture: Jungian Archetypes: Coming Soon!
  3. Read/Listen: Goblin Market HERE (begins Week Four)
  4. Discussion: Goblin Market: Coming Soon!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week Two: Poetry Basics

Dante Gabriel Rossetti Venus Verticordia (1864-1868)
Announcement: Blog Entries 1-3 and Quizzes 1-3 should be completed prior to class for Week Three.

  1. Announcement: You must buy the hard copy (or photocopy) or What Story are you Living. The online version is supplemental. Digital versions of Coraline are fine.
  2. New People: See me. 
  3. Sign-in: HERE
  4. Presentation: Basic Poetry Terms HERE.
  5. Presentation: Symbolism: Denotation, and Connotation HERE
  6. Large Group: Symbolism and meaning in  Warren's "Original Sin: A Short Story"
  7. Blog Check: Everyone check the blog list to the right. If you do not see your name or the link does not work properly, let me know immediately. Something is wrong with the blog address you gave me.
  8. Quiz 1: Syllabus. Last chance for romance if you have not done so get 'er done! (In Blackboard)
  9. Blog: Sign-in to your blog (using Mozilla Firefox) and sign-in to class HERE.
  10. Blog Entry 1: Reflect on the symbolism in "Original Sin: A Short Story." What symbols do you think you understood on some level (intuitively) and which ones make sense to you now after the presentation and discussion (intellectually). 250+ words. 
  11. Review: Claim, Reasons, and Thesis Statements HERE.
  12. Blog Entry 2: Find a poem or song on the theme of the course, The Supernatural, that you would like to write about and post it to your blog with author information and a 100+ word explanation as to why you chose this particular work. Please title your entry "Blog Entry 2". You may choose a subtitle as you wish. 
  13. Review: Poetry Terms HERE.
  14. Quiz 2: Poetry Basics on Blackboard.
  15. Review: Symbolism, Denotation, and Connotation HERE.
  16. Blog Entry 3:  The full assignment is HERE. This entry should be posted to your blog PRIOR to our next class meeting. Please start the title of the entry "Blog Entry 3". You may choose a subtitle as you wish.
  17. Read: review all the poems listed above for Week Three.

        Sunday, September 8, 2013

        Week One: Welcome

        Welcome to the Supernatural class blog! Here I will be posting all sorts of things that I am thinking about as the semester progresses as well as your blog assignments. If you see something interesting please leave me a comment! Also, feel free to explore what my other classes are doing by taking the link back to my home blog on the right (

        Week One

        1. Roll
        2. Syllabus & Course Overview.
        3. Introduction to Blogger, Google Docs, and Google Sites.
        4. Diagnostic Essay HERE.
        5. Blog Set-up. Use "create blog" in the upper right hand corner of this page. Be sure to write down your log-in information and blog address.
        6. Blog Entry 1: Coming Soon!
        7. Forming Houses and House Names then Sign-in HERE.
        8. Syllabus Quiz (in Blackboard). Follow the CUNY Portal link to the right of this page.
        9. Review Poetry Basics HERE
        10. Buy Books
        11. Re-read Read: Robert Penn Warren’s “Original Sin: A Short Story” HERE and be prepared to discuss it.
        12. Read: Dickenson "I Felt a Funeral in my Brain",  Milne "Water Lilies", Rossetti "Orchard Pit"De La Mare "The Listeners"Keats “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”.