Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday 5/10

Today: Romeo and Juliet: The essay assignment is HERE.
  • Free-write: True Love (5 minutes)
  • Check to be sure you can see our class on Blackboard. Grades go up TODAY.
  • Discussion of Romeo and Juliet (20 minutes)
  • In-class (I was outvoted so . . . ) TAKE HOME essay on Romeo and Juliet: Please add the option "What archetypes do you see as dominant in Romeo and Juliet? What archetypes might have allowed them to survive their ordeal?
  • Online discussion (here on the blog) to follow. Use the "Comments" function below after the questions are posted. Class discussion supplanted this one. 
  • Note:: Copy books will be graded at the end of the semester only.
Next Time: The Hunger Games: Part I. 
  • Poetry will be announced in class. I will bring copies of the poems for those who had difficulty with the books. You should have a copy of The Hunger Games with you in class (library copies are fine).

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